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Reduced Overhead - Our complete business online office solution allows for variable growth with variable costs. Usually small businesses and new businesses have growth opportunities and are forced to make choices which increase overhead cause business failure down the road during a time of slow sales.
Better Workers - How could they not be better when you have stay at home parents and handy-capped subcontractors doing your office work from their own home at the time of day that works best for them. You will have better workers for less money, and no larger office and cubicles and computers to buy and hook up and maintain. If the worker is working only on office work they might live in a rural town where costs are less and less pay is fine. A larger pool of workers means better workers.
Save the Environment - why make workers drive, often during rush hour, to your expensive office? Save the environment by letting them work from home. Consider offering piece work pay and independent contractors.
Right Size not Down Size - An existing business may realize that they have too much overhead and have made some poor growth decisions. Why go down with the ship? Instead of battling rumors and innuendo surrounding a move to a smaller office with just a showroom, make it part of a marketing boast: "We have decided to use technology to make our company able to offer even better service, to be environmentally conscience, and to&
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